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Title: Transparency and Accountability in Local Governance : A Study of the Khasi Dorbar Shnong
Authors: Dohtdong, Patricia Rika
Keywords: School Of Social Work
Madhushree Sekher
Local Governance - Khasi Dorbar Shnong
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: With a deeper understanding of democratic participation, emphasis on those in power to fulfill their duties towards citizens is now considered an important duty of the government. This study looks at the aspects of transparency and accountability in local governance. Actions of local governments are important in the sense that they are the closest and first link that people have with their government. They are a representation of higher authorities. Specifically, this study looks at the traditional local governing bodies present in the Khasi Hills of the state of Meghalaya called the Dorbar Shnong. As an institution emerging and deeply rooted in tradition, it governs through unwritten rules and laws. The Constitution of India has endeavoured to preserve these institutions through the provisions of the Sixth Schedule, which has led to the creation of Autonomous District Councils (ADCs). ADCs are autonomous bodies that function in simultaneity to the State Legislature. The broad objective of this study is to understand, broadly, the dynamics of information sharing, decision-making and sanctions in the Dorbar Shnong. It also aims to study the influence of traditions on these aspects of governance. Utilizing a case study approach, the study uncovers significant dynamics of power and authority, inclusion and exclusion, and accountability and transparency in the Dorbar Shnong. The study also confirms that the Dorbar Shnong has adopted various modern management techniques, confirming that tradition is not static and for this reason, the Dorbar Shnong will continue to remain a significant part of governance in the state
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