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Title: Migrant Workers in Marine Fisheries in Kerala : A Decent Work Perspective
Authors: Nidhin K.P.
Keywords: School Of Social Work
Shajahan, P. K.
Marine Fisheries - Kerala
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Kerala has been witnessing large scale inflow of migrants from across the country in various sectors, including marine fisheries. Marine fisheries attract migrants because of huge labour demand and better wages but the migrants have to face some problems due to various reasons such as inadequate living conditions, language barrier, irregularity of work etc. This study tries to capture the lives of these migrants from a decent work perspective by comparing the cases of two fishing villages in Kerala, namely, Kuriyadi and Meentheruvu. It adopts a case study approach within the qualitative research paradigm. It is found through the study that migrants in both the villages face a lack of decent working conditions with minor variations in each of the two villages. An inadequacy in formulation and implementation of schemes and policies for migrants in this as well as other sectors is also pointed out in the study.
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