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Title: Qualitative Insights Into Online Communication Pattern Of Radical Right in India Using Twitter data
Authors: Raj, Rahul Ranjan
Keywords: School Of Social Work
Ruchi Sinha
Radical Right - Online Spaces - India
Online Communication Pattern
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Using Twitter data to provide qualitative insight into online communication pattern of Radical right in India Abstract This study uses a detailed literature review to unpack the trends in the online campaigns of extremist organizations worldwide and draws a comparison to analyze the online spaces where the radical right organizations function. It traces the various radical philosophies of individuals/groups and review responses of tech companies towards them as they highlight the governance challenges. In this context, the presence of radical right in the online spaces in India is investigated with the aim of seeking explanations for the causes of growing polarisation in the society. The views of the users in the online spaces and the established work were used to form the main basis for the data for this research. It will be a valuable contribution towards understanding the usage of Web 2.0 by extremist groups and would provide the possible solutions to address the growing polarisation of radical right in India. The study examines the Indian case of Radical Right’s online communication pattern and situates them into the global extreme Right movement. An exploratory attempt is made on understanding the methodological approach to study the online space. The research also explores fresh perspective on the internet governance. 4
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