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Title: A Study on Vulnerabilities and Survival Strategies Of
Authors: Awasthi, Mansi
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Sharad T. Sawant
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: The research tries to look into the livelihood diversities of construction workers, domestic workers and street workers which have been migrated into the Delhi in search of employment and livelihood. It is an attempt to measure the economic gains, vulnerabilities and the opportunity cost of being a migrant away from their native place. The research and field work had been carried out in three different slums of Delhi. ant workers are been brushed away brutally by policies adopted by government in neo liberal period. Urban Poverty is an intricate multi dimensional and multi sectoral problem which is more atrocious than in rural one. The high levels of migration into Delh labour force. The mushrooming up of informal sector in early 1990s consists of migrants majorly those who left their native places and villages with a hope of economic betterment and to move out of the vicious cycle of poverty and hunger. Urbanisation is always seen as prerequisite for development process. The imposed flexiblisation and widening income inequality resulted from liberalisation invariably depreciated labour power. It not only concentrated the jobs at lower end in informal economy but also led to greater imperfections in the labour market. Urban dynamics is the outcome of the neo liberal model. The research elaborates on how the trade unions can be the solution to break the vicious cycle with comprehensive strategies to represent the interest of workers, raise the voices and issues, organising, mobilisation and networking with others of same thoughts and social interest. It tries to find the way ahead on how to organise informal workers and to link them to core labour standards which will give them dignity at work.
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