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Title: Navigating the politics of Redesigned Urban Spaces - A case study of Kolkata’s floating market as result of the changing dynamics between the State and the Street Vendors
Authors: Biswas, Chandrima
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Ratoola Kundu
Kolkata’s floating market
Street Vendors - Kolkata
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Inspired by the floating market in Bangkok, Kolkata received its own version of the floating market on 24th January, 2018 as part of an initiative taken by the Kolkata Municipal Development Authority and the Urban Minister of the Government of West Bengal. The market is located on one of the lakes in the Baishnabghata-Patuli township, along the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. Although various other versions of the floating market already exist in India - the most prominent being the market on the Dal Lake in Srinagar, this one in Kolkata is rather unique, with its own trajectory. To begin with, unlike other such markets, this one did not grow organically but was a result of a project taken up by the KMDA to rehabilitate the hawkers who had been earlier evicted from the now demolished Baishnabghata-Patuli market due to the expansion of the EM Bypass. This study will thus focus of the different politics and negotiations that took place into producing this space, as well as study the space and how it has impacted the lives of various stakeholders.
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