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Keywords: Thesis Guwahati
Razdan Sarim Rahman
Counselling 2019
Pre-marital Romantic Relationships
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: TISS Guwahati Campus
Abstract: Pre-marital Romantic Relationships as a subject has not been studied much or researched about in Indian context. It can be because of various reasons, one main reason is that, modernity has hit India already but Romantic Relationships out of marriage is still a taboo in our culture as a result of which a lot of things happening within this kind of relationships are unseen, unreported or are being ignored. This in turn, gives rise to issues related to pre-marital relationships like violence and abuse. Anyone, facing violence or abuse which is the manifestation of the acquisition of power and exertion of the same, suffers a lot mentally, emotionally and physically. The research strives to root out the experiences of violence that the women face in their intimate relationships, yet it goes unchecked. The research has three main objectives, to understand the perception of Romantic Relationships in women, to examine the factors that stop women from calling their abusive relationships off and to find out the coping mechanisms they use while being in the relationship as well as after coming out of the relationship. The research also puts utmost importance on the courage stories of the women who fought and came out of their abusive relationships. To gather the information, total five women who are currently staying in Guwahati, in their 20s, who have had an abusive relationship were interviewed. The study found that more than physical violence, emotional and verbal abuse was prevalent in their cases, which was as traumatic as any physical abuse would be. One of the five respondents went through physical abuse too. The tactics that their partners used were mostly related to restricting their social mobility, isolating them from every possible social support, emotional manipulation, inflicting fear and self doubt as a result of which they were unable to call the relationship off because they were constantly made to think that they aren’t good enough and the lack of awareness regarding healthy and unhealthy relationships were common in each of the five respondents. They were unaware of the fact that if they are at all being abused. The results showed that when the respondents started going out for their higher studies, started reading or were distancing themselves from their abusive partners, they started realizing their strength and worth.
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