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Title: Socio Spatial Transformations under the Smart City Mission in Gwalior
Other Titles: The Case of Tourism Oriented Planning at Maharaj Bada
Authors: Chaturvedi, Kunal
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Ratoola Kundu
Smart City Mission - Gwalior
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: This research paper intends to look at the Heritage Conservation and Tourism Development oriented planning happening under the Smart City Mission at Maharaj Bada, the historical core of Gwalior through the perspective of sociology of planning. The intention of this research is to examine the decision making process that lead to the emergence of this agenda, and to figure out how this process is going to affect the various functions and uses that the space currently has. In the process, questions such as who are the actors in favour of and against this agenda, the reasons behind these stances, and the ways in which these processes are going to affect the common citizens of the city are examined. Based on these observations, it has been argued that the agenda of heritage conservation and tourism development is being pushed for by the local state in face of resistance and disapproval on the ground, and the Smart City Mission is serving as a facilitating framework under which this kind of planning can be practiced.
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