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Title: Understanding the Trajectory of Waste Management in Kerala and Its Future Implications: Case Study of Thiruvananthapuram
Authors: Brittas, Anna
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Prathibha Ganesan
DecentralizedSolid Waste Management System
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: This study aims to study the trajectory of waste management in the city of Thiruvananthapuram and what the future implications of the choices of waste management will be on the city. It traces the history of waste management and how the city went from a centralised waste management model to a decentralised waste model due to various factors. The study also includes the assessment of the latest development in the field, the coming of waste to energy plants across the state of Kerala. The operationalisation of both the decentralised model as well as the waste to energy model, the positives, the shortcomings and the perception that the different stakeholders have about each form a key part of this research. It tries to weave the concept of sustainability and politics with the different technologies and tries to analyse which choice of waste management is a more sustainable option for Thiruvananthapuram.
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