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Title: Implications On Costs And Emissions of Electrification of Public Transport Buses In Pune
Authors: Jaywant, Suvedh
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Jayaraman, T.
Public Transport Buses - Pune
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: India has a rapidly growing and diverse transport sector which contributes to 6.5% of national GDP with 85% of the passenger traffic being catered by roadways. However, this is mainly dominated by private vehicles since the modal share of Public transport in India is as low as 7%. To add to this, the Indian transport sector is facing severe other challenges like traffic congestion and using fossil fuelled sources of energy which in turn causes high emissions. Major cities in the world who are facing similar issues are trying to promote public transport and electrify their transport systems. Electric vehicles have zero tail pipe emissions which promises a clean local environment along with reducing the oil dependency of the sector. However, when it comes to having electric buses in the fleet of Public Transport, higher capital cost is a major hurdle and thus the excess financial burden on the state road transport undertakings (STUs) and its effect on the citizens needs to be evaluated. This study tries to evaluate the cost implications of inducting electric buses in the fleet of Public transport buses in Pune and its implications on the emissions in the city. Further, it suggests a phase-wise plan that the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal, PMPML (the municipal bus transport operating company of Pune) must adopt to replace its existing bus fleet with electric buses. The study then estimates the additional electricity required for this shift and corresponding mitigation in emissions of pollutants and carbon-di-oxide, and the way forward.
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