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Title: Degeneration of Canals In Alappuzha: An Actor Perspective Study
Authors: Mathur, Rupakshi
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Pranjal Deekshit
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Traversing from provenance to near ruination of the canals it can be established that the current condition of the canals is like drains. Throughout this journey of the canals, they have seen generations of people, changing landscape, and their bond with them, beginning beautiful to its dark-age period. While the canals stayed stationed it was the anthropogenic visionaries staging the canals across the declining trend of utility and meanings of the canals, diminishing its healthy water to accumulate and degenerate as stagnant black waters. When compared with the drains, both canals and drains look like two peas in the same pod. The following study narrates the perspectives around canals from its past, present and the prospective future, envisioned by actors from different degenerations, social and locations. These perspectives are shaped by the institutions that have prevailed and are existing now. Looking at these canals from the edge of the commons is critical to the study.
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