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Title: Women, Ecology and Livelihoods: A Study in a Chakhesang Village of Nagaland
Authors: Barooah, Samhita
Keywords: Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Sciences
Xaxa, Virginius
Chakhesang Naga Women
Ecological Rights
Peripheral Livelihoods
Self-Sufficient Food Eco-system
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: TISS Guwahati Campus
Abstract: Nagaland in the North Eastern part of India has a tradition of agriculture which defines the integrated linkage of the Naga people with their natural environment. In the pursuit of socio-cultural and political independence, Nagaland has survived diverse conflicts, deprivation, natural hazards and geographical isolation since the pre-British era. Women in rural Nagaland seem to have significantly contributed towards resource regeneration, conforming to customary traditions and sustaining peace within and outside homes. Naga women particularly define their ecological space beyond political boundaries through their relationship with their habitat, clan, collective institutions, land based activities, social interactions, economic opportunities and cultural interpretations.
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