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Title: Mining Resource Politics and the Adivasis of Central India A Study of Mainpat Area in Chhattisgarh
Authors: Sandily, Priyanka
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Moharana, Byasa
India - Adivasis - Politics
Mining Resource - India
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Tiss Tuljapur
Abstract: Since 1940s, the concept of "development" emerged strongly to influence popular imagination and policy formulation. Tndia as a 'Third World' economy adopted the Western model of development through Nehruvian developmental!sm. Mining was termed by Nehru as 'temple' of modern India for a prosperous future. This research work is to critique this modernist model of development as mining has severely affected the lives of the Adivasis who are among the most powerless and voiceless sections of the society. Yet, and probably because of which, it is mostly the Adivasis who were expected to 'sacrifice for the nation' for development. Through the study of mining process in Mainpat in Chhattisgarh, this dissertation argues that since 1990s, mining projects in central Indian states, especially Chhattisgarh, have increased multi fold leading to large scale displacement of the Adivasis. Since colonial times the Adivasis are being exploited as the state looted mineral and forest resources. In addition to colonial government, the local elites from the caste communities also have inflicted misery on the Adivasis by land-grabbing and as money-lenders. The post-independent state of India also has displayed gross apathy for Adivasi rights. Various institutions of the modern state has exploited and dispossessed the Adivasis in the name of development. Their Constitutional rights are violated with impunity, and other legal provisions are manipulated. The Adivasis have protested this since long, but lack of political power and social capital has let them down. Since neoliberal phase, the corporate sector in connivance with the state has used violence to counter the opposition to the mining and industrialisation processes. 'Accumulation by dispossession' is what seems to be going on strongly in Chhattisgarh today. The complicity of the local caste elites, corrupt politicians and the corporate goons has made a mockery of democracy. It has alienated the Adivasis, and has left them at the margins.
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