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Title: Intergenerational Educational Mobility of Muslims of Rural West Bengal: A Study of Villages in Murshidabad District
Authors: Md Musharuddin, Sk
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Shaban, Abdul
Education - Muslims
Rural Development - Education
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Tiss Tuljapur
Abstract: Muslim community is socio-economically and educationally backward in India (Sachar 2006, PSEC 2014). Low educational level of Muslims is well acknowledged in recent discourses on educational attainment in India although interstate variations are found. West Bengal has second highest Muslim population in the country and about eighty per cent of them live in rural areas. They are mainly engaged in subsistence agriculture and allied activities and other self-employment with low income. Majority of them are steeped in poverty. This leads to higher drop out and lower educational completion rate among Muslims. This study attempts to study inter-generational educational mobility among Muslims in rural West Bengal vis-a-vis other socio-religious communities specially other backward communities. It tries to investigate the dynamics of drop-out rate and completion rate from primary to higher education along with aspirations and career choices of the students. The study also engages with gender issues in educational mobility of the community. The study uses both the quantitative and qualitative methods. The study concludes that educational differentials have widened between Muslims and SCs, Hindus of rural west Bengal among the younger generation at various educational levels. Data from villages show that Muslim females are going through a 'revolutionary change' breaking the age-old barriers for education but drop-out among Muslim males after upper primary education is acute. Majority of enrolled students have no aspirations or no clear career choices.
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