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Title: Planning of New Infection Control Committee In H. J. Doshi Ghatkopar Hindu Sabha Hospital
Authors: Kamble, Ravindra Ashok
Keywords: School of Health Systems Studies
Prashant Bhat
Infection Control Committee - Hindu Sabha Hospital
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Background and objectives: Hospital acquired infection creates an additional burden to the patient admitted to the hospital as well as to the health care personnel, it also affecting the reputation of hospital and making unnecessary cost to patient during the course of treatment. The main objective of study the existing infection control practices, followed in various departments with comparison against Standard guideline. To form An Infection Control Committee. Methods: The research approach adopted in the study was a descriptive method. It includes collection of information regarding infection control procedures and its measures and also exiting Protocols and facilities available for infection control through Questionnaires, studying relevant record maintained in H. J. Doshi Ghatkopar Hindu Sabha Hospital. Results: Result show that current physical facilities available for infection control are satisfactory but the existing infection control measures practiced is poor. Conclusion: Strict adherence to standard infection control procedures need to be given under consideration and existing infection control measures needs improvement and up gradation. Planning of an infection Control committee for the same.
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