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Title: A Research Project Report on the Study of Hospital Staff Turnover Rate
Authors: Jose, Jolly
Keywords: School of Health Systems Studies
Mariappan, M.
Staff Turnover Rate - Hospital
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Human resources are important for the successful operations of the Hospital. It tries to understand the needs of the employees. However, there are many factors that influence the employee turnover. Since employee turnover is a challenging issue, the success of the management is to retain its employees. To a certain extent, attrition is being considered healthy. When an employee who is negatively impacting the productivity and profitability of the organization leaves, the organization benefits. Also, it creates a space for the new entrance. The study was aimed at exploring the factors that contribute to staff turnover in a multispecialty tertiary hospital, and to understand the need for necessary changes in order to retain its employees since turnover is very expensive and detrimental to the organization. The study focused the challenges faced by the organization due to turnover rate. Assessing the factors that influence the turnover revealed the various reasons for the employees to leave the organization. It gives the awareness to the managers regarding the measures to be taken to retain the employees in the organization. Knowing the reasons, the managers can always work towards improvement that will satisfy the employees thereby retention of the employees for the successful functioning of the organization.
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