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Title: Patient satisfaction among patients seen by faculty and those seen by resident doctors in Gastroenterology OPD
Authors: Shukla, Akash
Keywords: School of Health Systems Studies
Harshad P. Thakur
Patient satisfaction - Gastroenterology
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Background and aims: The Gastroenterology OPD of KEM hospital is busy and patients are seen independently by consultants and resident trainee doctors sequentially by a token system. The study was carried out to compare the satisfaction levels in patients seen by consultants and resident in new and follow-up OPD and also their satisfaction with regards to other tangible and intangible factors. Methods A questionnaire was formulated and validated. It was then administered to consecutive patients by two independant observers while the doctors were unaware that such a study is being carried out. The data was recorded, analysed and compared between faculty and residents with regards to doctor related and other satisfaction governing parameters. Results Majority patients were delighted by the token system in both the OPDs. Most patients were delighted with consultation time, explanation given and overall doctor experience with faculty (>9/10). The score was better than that of resident doctors but most patients were highly satisfied or delighted with the resident doctors as well. This pattern was consistent in new and follow-up OPD’s. The satisfaction levels were lowest for amenities provided and intermediate for support staff behaviour and registration system. Conclusion Patients had excellent satisfaction levels with both residents and faculty interactions in our study, slightly better with faculty in both new patient and follow-up OPDs. Other factors scored lower
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