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Title: To Assess The Implementation Of Weekly Iron And Folic Acid Supplementation (Wifs) Programme In Government Schools In Telangana State
Authors: G.Sreekrishna
Keywords: School of Health Systems Studies
Iron And Folic Acid Supplementation Programme - Government Schools - Telangana
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: Σ To assess the level of awareness of program between health staff and head masters, teachers. Σ To determine and analyse the barriers for implementation of WIFS program in govt. school children. METHODOLOGY: DESIGN: Cross-sectional study design in Telangana State comprising 31 Districts out of which 10 districts were selected, and each District is separated by a radius of 100 kms approximately were selected in Telangana. Cross sectional study design with questionnaires and in-depth interviews of Medical officers (n=10); teachers (n=153); supervisors (n=28); ANMs (n=107) and school headmasters (19). STUDY TOOLS: Questionnaire and interview questions are used for the collection of level of knowledge, practice and training status of health staff, headmasters and teachers in implementing the WIFS program in Telangana. Specific questions on anemia, IFA tablets, WIFS program, training, distribution to students and side effects of IFA tablets.To ensure accurate and consistent measurements this multicenter, a standardized measurement protocol was employed in all participating data-collection centres.RESULTS: The present study compares the knowledge, practice on WIFS program implementing in govt. schools in Telangana. Levels of awareness, implementation of the WIFS Program in govt. schools are compared in various aspects. Total number of participants are 317, in which 10 participants are medical officers,28 participants are supervisors,107 participants are ANM’s, 19 participants are headmasters, 153 participants are teachers. Questionnaire on WIFS program given to 317 participants and recorded the results of the questionnaire and interview questionnaire from which the knowledge levels and practices on WIFS were noted:
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