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Title: Understanding Micro Enterprises of Tribal Women : A Study in Tura town, Meghalaya
Authors: Witna William Ch Marak
Keywords: School of Social Work
Alex Akhup
Micro Enterprises - Tribal Women - Meghalaya
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: In the last two decades or more there has been an emphasis on women entrepreneurship with a focus on economic development. Through micro enterprises development the promoting organizations made an attempt to target women who have been excluded for generations in economic planning of the country. The new policies emerged targeting tribal women with an aim to uplift the socio economic conditions of tribal society. In line with this policies, government departments and non-government organizations implemented various programmes and one of them being the micro enterprise development for urban and rural women who could take up micro enterprises at household level. The socio economic status of tribal society is also defined by the role they play within community and family. She along with men folk takes part in livelihood activities for generation of income to the family. Therefore with the engagement in household work as well as in the business undertakings their living conditions are improved and create impact on the society in which they live. Though the employment generated is minute and yet it provides at atleast for people to survive. Some enterprises are able to grow what is expected of them as they have the potentials but many remain at the subsistence level. The study findings revealed that the micro enterprise development program had impact on the lives of tribal women mainly in terms of socio economic development. However, in other spheres of life they have been unable to go beyond social and economic aspects. In the political and local governance, their participation is still very minimal. Further findings highlight that through micro enterprise development women also played a dual role. With development of micro enterprises they create employment in small number and support other families for their survival. Hence, the study finds that the motive for undertaking micro enterprises is deeply rooted in historical background, family, culture and economic value. Considering all these aspects women take up enterprises and contribute to social, cultural and economic aspects in their journey as an entrepreneur creating impact on the society which is still being considered insignificant
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