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Title: Challenges Faced by Dalit Construction Workers in Mumbai : A Case Study of Chembur Naka
Authors: Sonpimple, Upendra Punaram
Keywords: Centre for Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy
Avatthi Ramaiah
Dalit Construction Workers - Chembur Naka - Mumbai
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: In India caste is an unavoidable fact which hampers the everyday existence of the Dalit community. Violence and rigid caste structure elude Dalits away from Rural and compels to migrate to urban. Migration becomes the only resort to escape dehumanization and caste atrocity. Urban sphere gives a promising picture of casteless, egalitarian society, where one could walk free and away from caste-based occupation. The urban spaces witnesses transformation which makes caste invisible, but not annihilate it. The present research elaborates on the reasons for Dalit migration from rural to urban, and their experiences of caste discrimination. The post-migration effects analyzed by analyzing the construction industry which is one of the largest unorganized sectors in India. The migrant population occupies unorganized labor market, construction workers at Chembur Naka is the focus of the study.
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