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Title: Military Culture And Its Ramifications: The Experiences of Young Adults
Authors: Kulshreshtha, Bhavya
Keywords: School of Human Ecology
Sujata Sriram
Young Adults - Military Culture
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The present study examined how growing up with a father in the armed forces impacted the lives of young adults. Following an exploratory qualitative research paradigm, in depth interviews were conducted with thirteen participants from Delhi and Mumbai, after which thematic analysis was carried out. The impact of military culture was analyzed in terms of meaning making of the father and his occupation, the shaping of family life and the home environment as well as the various aspects of the self including young adults’ identities, values, roles and expectations. Growing up in military families impacted the participants at multiple levels. There was a nuanced understanding of the father’s occupation. While PTSD was not directly referred to, many participants spoke of stress felt by the father, which in turn affected the family. Repeated transfers and relocations were considered as a hallmark of services life, which had personal and interpersonal affects. Deployment to forward areas was problematic, leaving the family to grapple with multiple issues. Mothers picked up the slack as a result of father’s deployment. As the participants grew older, they began to take over some of the roles played by the father, displaying parentification. Growing up in the military was seen to have a profound impact on the family as a whole. The study has implications for work on mental health.
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