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Title: The Power of Swipe: A Study of Tinder Use In India
Authors: Deeksha
Keywords: School of Human Ecology
Sujata Sriram
Young Adults - Tinder
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Online dating sites and applications such as Tinder are being used in India. The current study is an exploratory, quantitative study to explore how and why people in India use Tinder, the mobile dating application. An online survey was administered on a population above 18 years of age, with an account on Tinder. The sample consisted of 166 participants, with majority of the participants being men, from the age group of 18-25 years. They were students, from metropolitan cities like Delhi/NCR and Mumbai. Introduction to Tinder was through friends, who were supportive about its use. Curiosity and boredom were the most important reasons for joining Tinder, followed by the desire for casual relationships (not involving sex), and the thrill of using the app. Profiles on Tinder displayed age and profile pictures, along with sexuality and employment status. Tinder users claimed to be truthful about themselves on their profile, but believed that others misrepresented themselves. Most of the Tinder users went for Tinder assignations and stayed in touch with at least one of their dates. Overall, Tinder users had a mixed Tinder experience. The study provides insights into relationship patterns of young adults in India
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