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Title: Influence of Ethics and Decision making in Indian Public Services
Authors: Negi, Ankit
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Johnson A Minz
Decision Making Ethics
Center for Human Resource Management and Labour Relations
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: In this conceptual article, we look at the impact of ethics and decision making in Indian public services. We aim to show how ethics as a concept is influential in decision making process and how organizational values and personal values influence the definition of ethics in context of public services. We also aim to capture some of the factors which are responsible for divergent behaviour of individual’s taking decision in the same environment. We examine whether individuals make ethical decisions differently than other types of decisions and how personal value differs from organizational values in public services by using situational based questions along with social desirability scale to find out factors influencing individuals to make such decisions. Further we extend the scope of our research to examine few other dimensions, related to ethical decision making in public sector by taking case based approach where we are looking at some of the critical instance which gives us clear picture of how ethics differ in public services than in private, how environment plays any role in driving ethical or unethical behaviour at workplace, how technology impacted ethical decision making process etc. In our research we also raised question about conflict between personal value and organizational value and how it leads to ethical or unethical decision making process.
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