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Title: Moral Foundations And The Organizational Commitment: Do Moral Foundations Affect Organizational Commitment?
Authors: Kumar, Amit
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Zubin Mulla
Organizational Commitment - Moral Foundations
Center for Human Resource Management and Labour Relations
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Often human actions are assessed on moral grounds as it deep rooted in various societies and cultures. Thus, in organizations that are nothing but microcosms of the society, morality has deep influence on organizational culture and its effects on organizational commitment. However, despite a significant literature on the antecedents of organizational commitment is present, most of it remains fragmented and neglecting moral angle. Even though a notable amount of work has been done on exploring the antecedents of organizational commitment, scant literature is found on the interplay of moral foundations on the organizational commitment. Thus, this study attempts to extend the knowledge on the moral foundations and its impact on employee organizational commitment by studying various moral foundations in different organizational contexts. The core objective of the study is to identify the moral foundations as one of the antecedents of organizational commitment to provide more clarity on what makes employees committed to a particular organisation. The strength of this research lies in the attempt to link the paradigm of the moral foundations, which has thus far only been used in the American political setting, with organizational commitment, hence introducing the use of this construct various organizational setting. Quasi-experiment research approach was used with 148 sample of respondents participated in the study. Data was then collected from various MBA graduates and working professionals. In my study, I found a significant correlation between binding foundations (Authority and Loyalty) to the organizational commitment in a collectivistic culture such as India. The research has been concluded with discussions on the results, as well as practical implications in organizations. Some of the practical implications include moral foundations as an assessment tool for the recruitment and talent management of employees in addition to the existing tools.
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