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Title: Understanding the Aspirations and Experiences of Senior Secondary Students Belonging to the Manual Scavenging Community of Ladwa, Haryana
Authors: Amit Kumar
Keywords: School of Social Work
Bipin Jojo
Secondary Students - Ladwa, Haryana
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: A community namely manual scavenger is not only lower in the ladder of the caste based varna system but have to face a various kind of the humiliation as well as discrimination in their day to day life. The caste-based discrimination has to face to youth of this community who are living in the 21st century. This study primarily focusing on the experience of the youths of the manual scavenger in their senior secondary education. The experiences, which are humiliated them in the educational sector and made them to drop out from the secondary education or there may be some sort of the inspiration and strong will to complete their study. The focus of the study is to understand what kinds of motivation for those students who are belonging to scavenger community to get education and their aspiration for the higher education after and during at the level of senior secondary education. To study experience of students at new level of education which motivate them to fulfill their aspiration in education. Researcher found there are several factors which effect on the students to fulfill their aspiration to choose stream in which they have interest and they experience during the time of education like lack of guidance, financial support, family support, particular environment in which they are living, parent’s occupation, peer’s student support, teacher support from school etc. Students want to get respectable job after education and want to leave their traditional work of scavenging which is highly motivate them toward education. So, by them education is the only key that can break this circle of traditional work which is going passing through generation to generation.
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