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Title: Men Who Buy Sex: An Exploratory Study
Authors: Sirari, Sakshi Singh
Keywords: School of Social Work
Sharon Menezes
Commercial Sex-Work - Recognition
Centre for Women-Centered Social Work
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: If something is not being spoken about, it has either been invisibilized or mainstreamed. While the issue of commercial sex-work largely lies in the intersection of both. Invisibilized through the colonial era, it regained recognition through the AIDS epidemic outbreak. Women have been collectivising and seeking social recognition and human rights ever since, without much success in either sphere. The women in the trade continue to be marginalised by the mainstream, not only as women, but also as humans. Customers, who feed the demand and are responsible for the existence of this system are barely spoken to on the subject. The research reveals resistance to discuss the subject among customers, ie men who buy sex, along with a symbolic dehumanization of the women who work in the trade. Not only does this translates into women’s own narrative about themselves, but they end up performing the role script defined by the customers. As a result, women end up perpetuating the narrative that marginalizes them in the first place.
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