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Title: The Role of Women in the Reproduction of Caste : A Study in the Sattavis Sabarkantha Audichya Brahman Samaj
Authors: Pathak, Siddhi
Keywords: School of Social Work
Anjali Dave
Brahmin Woman - Reproduction of Caste
Centre for Women-Centered Social Work
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This is an exploratory, descriptive study that examines the ways in which caste-gender relations manifest in my own caste group, that is, the Sattavis Sabarkantha Audichya Brahmoday Samaj of Gujarat (SSABS). In doing so, the study analyses the role of the women in the community in the reproduction of caste, by way of beliefs, and rituals and practices. In order to understand this reproduction of caste, the study engages in an inter-generational analysis through narratives of mothers and daughters from the SSABS. Through these narratives it attempts to unpack the meaning of identity for these women and ascertain the basis of caste pride. It further explores the relationships of these women with the caste group at large, the changes in beliefs and practices through generations, the role of education and migration in these changes, and eventually the fear of a dwindling caste. Further, it locates the forms of patriarchy within the caste and the negotiations of the women. It concludes that there have been significant changes in the status of the women of this caste. In the end, it opens up a discussion on the role of education and the kinds of education that can be reproduced through women centered social work practice, in order to reproduce a cycle of socialization that challenges gender discrimination.
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