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Title: Lt woman Engineer,A study of women tending to be engineers: Understanding experiences of Women Undergraduate in engineering
Authors: Deepa
Keywords: School of Social Work
Anjali Dave
Women - Undergraduate Engineering - Experiences
Centre for Women-Centered Social Work
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The present study is an investigation into the experiences of, young women, pursuing undergraduate engineering in a prime Indian institute of Technology. This is an attempt to understand the gender dynamics and its impacts that women experience while building their career in Technology. The purpose of the present study is to understand these young women’s lived experiences in the field of technology and how their “experiences, perceptions and beliefs about gender” in STEM fields impact the career choices they have made and may further make in the future. The research tries to looks into the ‘transaction of gender’ through curriculum within the institutional spaces and the gender relations that are at play in the duration of ones course of engineering.
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