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Title: Herstory: A Study of the Effect of Demonetization on the Lives of Domestic Workers in Navi Mumbai
Authors: Das, Bhavana
Keywords: School of Social Work
Anjali Dave
Domestic Workers - women - Navi Mumbai
Centre for Women-Centered Social Work
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This study is an attempt to understand the effects of demonetization on the lives of women domestic workers in Navi Mumbai. It has been attempted to understand how a sudden monetary policy change, that ripped off the nation of its 86% of currency in flow and therefore its effect on a group of women who are structurally placed at one of the most economically backward position. The study has attempted to understand the domestic workers’ understanding of demonetization, its effect on their daily lives and the prevalence of financial literacy among these women to adapt with the new wave of digital and cashless economy put forth by the government. The effect of demonetization in the lives of the women domestic workers was not an immediate effect as the data reveals but a series of situational outcomes; therefore, the indifference towards the monetary policy change initially. However, women domestic workers consider digitization of banking as an inconvenience to them as they lack both the resource and knowledge to be participants in an aspiring cashless economy.
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