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Title: A Study on Ao Naga Women’s Land ownership and Property Rights in Nagaland
Authors: Imchen, Bendangyangerla
Keywords: School of Social Work
Shewli Kumar
Ao Naga Community
Centre for Women-Centered Social Work
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The study delivers an attempt to understand the Ao Naga women’s access to land, ownership and property rights in Nagaland by examining the Ao Naga Community day to day access, use and control over land, their community life and culture related to land, the gendered cultural construction of customary law on Land and property Rights and also to Explore and understand the perception of women towards land ownership and property rights. The research study is Qualitative in nature and the primary tools for the data collection were in-depth interview, Focus group discussion and Non-participatory observation method. The study revealed how unwritten customary law control the day to day life, culture and ethos among the Ao Naga community which simultaneously subordinate women in denying women inheriting land ownership which is purely gender injustice by nature. The research study clearly highlights the diversity of women struggles and challenges in working in the land without land ownership. The study also revealed how women perceive land as a sacred, land that empowers them and land that gives them an identity. Further the study will help us explore how gendered cultural construction and the nature of land ownership and governance gets embedded in a patriarchal Naga society and leaves an impact on women’s status.
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