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Title: Understanding of Police in Different Dimensions of Human Trafficking
Authors: Singh, Astha
Keywords: School of Social Work
Trupti Jhaveri Panchal
Anti human trafficking units - Sex Workers
Centre for Women-Centered Social Work
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This research addresses the different dimensions of human trafficking and also see the understanding of police regarding commercial sexual exploitation. As every year 1000’s of men, women and children were trafficked. As police is one of the important part in tackling human trafficking. This study also addresses the debate which is going on around legalization of Prostitution and also understanding of police regarding this and also about the myths of human trafficking. The root causes of trafficking are poverty, lack of education and lack of awareness among the people. This research deals with how Anti human trafficking units try to tackle human trafficking and what all difficulties they face during handling the cases of trafficking.
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