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Title: Life under Debt - A Study of Women Struggling after Farmer Suicides in Marathwada
Authors: Tribhuwan, Aishwarya Milind
Keywords: School of Social Work
Shewli Kumar
Farmer Suicides - Women - Marathwada
Centre for Women-Centered Social Work
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: As per the Agriculture-Census Report of India for 2010-11, agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian Economy. Its contribution in the GDP is decreasing over the years. Yet it provides employment and livelihood for majority of the population. Agriculture has become one of the most risky occupations because of many issues that farmers face in India. The availability of land, the quality of available land, the availability of good seeds, expenditure on fertilizers and pesticides, dependability on rain, uncertain crops, poverty, debts, suicides and many more. The problem of farmer suicides is one of the major concerns need to be addressed by everyone. Hence, the government started collecting numbers, analyzing them, media started reporting cases and covering the vulnerabilities of the farmers. However, the status of women farmers is difficult to understand. Due to patriarchal mindset, farmers are somehow always considered as “male cultivators”. Women cultivators, male agricultural laborers, and women agricultural laborers are nowhere. This research attempts to study lives of women farmers before and after suicides of their partners. This is an attempt to compare status of women based on land, caste and different intersections. This study looks at different cultural factors that make women vulnerable before and after suicides of their partners.
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