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Title: The determinants of data quality in Health Information System of sub centre of Chhattisgarh
Authors: Sahu, Anand Kumar
Keywords: School of Health Systems Studies
Health Management Information System
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The HMIS is defined as an integrated system of Healthcare, seeker, healthcare provider, Planners and integrated computer technology for providing the information to support the operations, the management and the decision making function in the Healthcare Institution. It helps to improved healthcare delivery by providing medical personnel with better data access, faster data retrieval, higher quality data and more versatility in data display also for improving efficiency, both on the cost and the clinical care perspective. This is achieved by avoiding duplications, repetitions, delays, missing records and confusions. In this study i have taken 14 key MCH data elements to study the determinants of subcentre HMIS dataquality. Main determinants completeness, timelyness and as well as accurasy of HMIS online report in comparison to RCH register. To assess the quality of data we have use pre structured interview schedule covering questions on training status, validation process and information, report submission process and difficulties in submissions, number of registers and reporting format they have to maintained, etc. Study done in two steps online HMIS data validation for completeness and next validation of sub health centres for record review and interview of field workers that is110 sub health centres selected on random basis at district level. Data analysis is done with the help of Micro soft Excel version 13 and SPSS (Statistical Package of the Social Sciences) software version 20.0. Completeness was assessed by the proportion of all facilities in the district that send the reports. 99.9 percent of the facilities had send the reports as we can see from April to February 2017 Accept Sukma a district all districts reporting status is more than 99 %. Sukma districts some area is dence naxal Page no.-( 10 ) affected and also hard to reach. 95% of facilities uploaded HMIS report upto 5th of the month. Over all data quality in terms of % facility reporting and timliness are excellent but lacuna in terms of accuracy Online HMIS report vs RCH register entry, it differs upto 23% in some sub centres. Main reason behind this may be concept of area reporting and facility based HMIS reporting. By using student pair T-test with the help of SPSS In the present study accuracy was found to be excellent for antenatal registration and contraceptive usage while it was lower for the BCG and 3 ANC checkup. Training, feedback mechanism and supportive supervision are the key area found to improve the HMIS data quality. HMIS training can be the curriculum of in-service trainings like female and male supervisory trainings prior to promotions. Feedback of reports showing analysis, interpretation and actions taken based on information, Improve supervisory activities by training supervisory staff and developing a supervisory check-list for data quality and information use.
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