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Title: Ultimate Frisbee in the Lives of Adolescents in a Fishing Community
Authors: Ramakumar, Anusuya Tulasi
Keywords: Department Of Applied Psychology
Ultimate Frisbee in the Lives of Adolescents in a Fishing Community
Fishing Community
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Participating in a sport on a regular basis may result in changes on the individual practicing it on psychological, physical, social, cultural, and scholastic fronts. This study explored what influence playing Ultimate Frisbee had on adolescents from a fishing community. It explored the in-depth the experiences of Ultimate Frisbee among adolescents in a fishing community. It is a qualitative research study conducted in the form of a case study, with an in-depth investigation of a small number of units at a point in time. Purposive sampling was used and the tools for data collection were through direct observation and interaction with the respondents, through semi- structured interviews, field notes, documentation of oral histories and the collection of old photos. Narrative analysis was used. The content of the interviews were compiled into themes and concepts. There was a significant improvement in the health of the respondents, in terms of physical endurance, strength, awareness of bodily abilities, and its limitations. The study also showed tremendous improvement on psychological spheres. This included greater confidence, higher self-esteem, and an expanded self- identity. A greater awareness on the importance of sports amongst families, and older community members is important. Though the participation of girls in this sport is high, there needs to be an increase in the number of girls. Sensitization towards gender discrimination and increasing participation and encouraging girls to take active involvement is necessary.
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