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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Anxiety during Mergers and Acquisitions and Ways to Deal with the Anxiety: Case of Merger and Acquisition of Steps Pharma and Triple PharmaMalim, Saniya
2013Behavioural Interventions: A Meta-Analysis of Theories vis-à-vis Practices in the Indian Corporate SectorNagnyal, Komal
2015Brand Personality of Organizations and its Impact on Attracting TalentMenon, Meghna
2014Content analysis: evaluation of the concept and process of attaining self-actualization in the bhagvad gita wayShah, Siddharth
2014Critical developmental incidents in the lives of entrepreneurial leaders: an analysis of rashmi bansal’s ‘stay hungry, stay foolishKumar, Navneeth Prasanna
2016Dress Yourself: Self-Worth and Its Impact On Appearance LabourSokhi, Simrat
2013The effectiveness of Shared Services Models in HR Role TransformationSingh, Abhishek
2013Engaging Gen Y with Autonomy and Feedback: A quantitative study of Graduate Engineers in the Indian IT IndustrySarkar, Shatadrumi
2016Exploring Implicit Gender Stereotyping In Task Allocation among GroupsNeerukonda, Yashodhara
2016Impact of Perceived Power Distance Orientation on Employee Empowerment and Help seeking BehaviorMittal, Sarthak
2013Impression Management: Study Of Perceptions And Justifications Of Management Students About Impression ManagementGaikwad, Akshada
2016Leading By Serving in the Hindu Mythology of the Ramayana: Hanuman as a Servant LeaderJha, Richa
2014Narcissistic leader, followers & the leadership situation: diagnosis of the organizational change process at arth bankErramilli, Sriram
2013Parenthood v/s workplace demands: A qualitative study of the Indian Corporate SectorSharma, Noopal
2014Perceived Impact of Attire on Employee Self-Perceptions in the Work Sphere: a study of employees in the service sectorChand, Ravi
2014Perceived role of centralization and formalization on grievance filing and perceptions of justice: case of a factory settingAilawadi, Rahul
2014Perception of Person-Job Fit and Person-Organization Fit among Job Seekers from Professional Courses - an Exploratory StudyRanjan, Nikhil
2016Relationship between Age of the Employee and Resistance to Change in the Organizational ContextRaipure, Shriya M.
2015Role of Quality Based Management in the Making of A Learning Organization: Case Study of ALLEN TyresSharma, Akhil Mohan
2015Role Play and Learning : Case of Theatre Groups of Mumbai & NagpurJaiswa, Raveesh